Training:  „Mediation between Public and Privet Sectors”

By the initiative of Business Ombudsman of Georgia and with the support of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), trainings are being held on mediation between private and public sectors for representatives of government structures.

The training is led by German expert Michael Gross, who has multi-year experience in effective mediation between public and private sectors and efficient resolution business disputes. 

Michael Groß has extensive experience in Licensing (> 15,000 License Agreements since 1988), Research & Development Agreements, European (Block Exemption Regulations concerning Licensing and R & D) and German Antitrust Law; registered as an arbitrator at German Arbitration Association (DIS, Bonn), DGRI (Karlsruhe), ICC (Paris, France), TENOS AG and as an arbitrator and mediator at DIS, Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Munich, General Council of the Bar, Munich, WIPO (Geneva, Switzerland), FICCI Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal (FACT), New Delhi, India, and TENOS AG; as a conciliator at DGRI, Berlin; expert opinions by order of courts, European Commission or by order of private parties; legal study for the European Commission 1995: Block Exemption Regulation No 240/96 (EC) Technology Transfer Agreements; co-authorship: Model-License Agreement China – Germany (German Ministry of Economics), 1996 – 2003.

Representatives of both executive power and self-governments, which are frequent addressees of applications submitted by business companies to Georgian Business Ombudsman's office, are participating in the tender.  Thanks to close cooperation with international donor organizations, the Georgian Business Ombudsman's Office provides active job to make mediation between the public and private sectors more effective and these trainings serves the mentioned objective.

Representatives of LELP National State Property Agency, Finance Ministry Board of Disputes, Revenue Service, Competition Agency, Tbilisi City Hall's Architecture Service, Georgian Business Ombudsman's office and Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry are attending the event.

The training will last 2 days and participants will receive due certificates.

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