Business Ombudsman: Activities of Political Parties Against RMG doesn’t Affect Positively on Investment Environment

“I think that political parties act against the legitimate activity of specific companies obstructs business producton process.

It is important that RMG is one of the major investors and exporter. I think that such action by political parties is a hindering factor in the company’s activities. Such facts are generally poorly affected by the investment environment, as these processes are seen by other investors, “- explains Lekvinadze.

The Business Ombudsman also responds the recent cases of some groups against investment projects. “Our concern is caused by increasing number of some groups that are in opposition to investment projects. when investors are not given legal rights to operate across the country – including the region, Adjara, Guria and Kakheti. Political groups are actively involved in spreading threatening announcements on property rights. I think that such actions require more responsibility from the political parties, as it’s important for development of the region, employment of local residents, as well as increasing investment volume in the country w”, – explains Irakli Lekvinadze.