Irakli  Lekvinadze -  One of the challenges of business is a court system

Business Ombudsman of Georgia Irakli Lekvinadze: “Court proceedings on business disputes are protracted in time and this factor creates real problems before the business sector. In most cases, these disputes require deeper analysis at courts. We understand very well that the court system is overloaded, because there are a lot of appeals and this factor generates real problems. One judge has to probe into a huge number of cases. We welcome all sorts of formats that will enable to discuss recommendations in this direction. There are many recommendations in the discussion process of various formats. This refer to commercial disputes. This implies an enhancement of the role of mediation at various instances or shaping such a type of platforms that will relieve the court from appealed cases. These cases may be resolved at various instances and it may not be necessary to appeal at all stages.